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Tom Boy (11'30)

Portrait of a Tom Boy and his wive. They live in Yangon (Myanmar). A tomboy is a woman who exhibits characteristics/behaviours of a man.

Directed by Kay Lie

Presented by Zaw Naing Oo

© 2012 Electrical Films/VPRO

The world's longest ongoing war (30'00)

​Story about the ongoing civil war in Myanmar between the Karen rebels and the central government. Produced for Aljazeera's Asian series 101 East, (English narration)

Director: Kay Mastenbroek


© 2011 Electrical Films/Mizzima/Aljazeera

Looking for Reconciliation (83'00)

Documentary about DVB-VJ Mr. Mask, who travels to

Indonesia, Iraq, South-Africa, Czech Republic and Cambodia to learn about reconciliation after a dictatorship. (English narration)

Directed by Kay Lie - DoP: Oleg Revenko

© 2010 Electrical Films/LLiNK/DVB

The Generals' Elections in Burma (30'00)

Documentary about the upcoming November 2010 elections, the first elections in Myanmar since 1991 are not fair and based on a new constitution that was a result of a fraudulous referendum. (English narration)


Directed by Kay Lie

© 2010 DVB

The Kachin's Last Stand (14'00)

End of 2010, the cease-fire between the Myanmar Army and the Kachin Independence Army was about to end. The Kachin people had to prepare for war again. (English narration)


Directed by Kay Lie & Kevin McLeod

© 2010 Electrical Films/Mizzima

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