Myanmar Investigative Journalism Project

Most of our recent productions are part of this project. The homepage has links to twenty-one documentaries about Myanmar. (2010-2019)

Sa Ba Insight: Lan Tah Yeh Mont (5'00)

Pilot-episode for series about street food in Myanmar: The Gangster Snack.


Director: Kay Lie - Presenter: Marc Shortt

© 2019 - Electrical Films/Saba Street Food 

Kilimo Finance (3'00)

Corporate video for Kilimo Finance, specialised in automated credit for farmers in Vietnam.


Directed by Kay Mastenbroek

© 2019  - Electrical Films/Kilimo Finance

The Story of Coal in Thailand (26'00)

The past, present and future of this controversial source of energy.


Directed by Kay Mastenbroek

© 2018 - Electrical Films/Heinrich Böll Stiftung

Chased by the Tides (17'00)

A project for the protection of people and nature in theGulf of Mottama.


Written and edited by Kay Mastenbroek

© 2019 - Swiss Development Cooperation

Festival Update


Oct. 2019 - Fintech Challenge Vietnam 2019 (Hanoi) "Kilimo Finance"

Champion category 'Early Stage'

Sep. 2018 - Jahorina Film Festival Pale (Bosnia & Herzegovina): Screening "The Battle of the Srebrenica Museum"

Sep. 2018 - Myanmar Film Festival of Los Angeles (USA): Screening "Monk Politics"

Feb. 2018 - The Buddha International Film Festival Pune (India): Screening "Monk Politics"

Best Direction Award

Dec. 2017 - International Queer & Migrant Filmfestival Amsterdam: Screening "May I Help You"

July 2017 - Independent Film Festival Stockholm (Sweden): Screening "The Ma Latt To Tragedy"

Electrical Films

Youtube Channel

Most productions can be found on our youtube channel. The channel has +3.000 subscribers and 1.500.000 views.

Tides of Change (15'30)


The Sustainable Coastal Fisheries Programme is a joint Myanmar and Denmark project.


Written and edited by Kay Mastenbroek

© 2018 - Peter Degen/Department of Fisheries

The Battle of the Srebrenica Museum (57'00)

A team of Dutch experts make an exhibition about the Srebrenica Genocide (1995) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Directed by Kay Mastenbroek
© 2017 - Electrical Films/KRO-NCRV

Monk Politics (55'00)

Buddhist leaders in Myanmar struggle with their past and a fast changing society. 

Directed by Kay Mastenbroek

© 2017 - Electrical Films/KRO-NCRV

The Magic of Seed Banks (8'00)

Video about the success of the seed bank project. Made by Nyan Seik and Aow Kou Rot.

Written and edited by: Kay Lie

© 2020 - Swiss Development Cooperation


© 2020 Electrical Films

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