Myanmar Investigative Journalism Project

Most of our recent productions are part of this project. The homepage has links to twenty-one documentaries about Myanmar. (2010-2019)

Plastic Atlas Myanmar (3'35)

Animated trailer for the Plastic Atlas Myanmar; a survey on the plastic crisis in Myanmar.

Directed by Kay Lie

© 2020 Heinrich Böll Stiftung

Lalay Lodge (2'00)

Promotional video for Lalay Lodge beach resort in the West of Myanmar.

Directed by Kay Lie

© 2020 Lalay Logde/Electrical Films

The Magic of Seed Banks (8'00)

Video about the success of the seed bank project. Made by Nyan Seik and Aow Kou Rot.

Written and edited by Kay Lie

© 2020 - Swiss Development Cooperation

Sa Ba Insight: Lan Tah Yeh Mont (5'00)

Pilot-episode for series about street food in Myanmar: The Gangster Snack.


Director: Kay Lie - Presenter: Marc Shortt

© 2019 - Electrical Films/Saba Street Food 

Festival Update


Oct. 2019 - Fintech Challenge Vietnam 2019 (Hanoi) "Kilimo Finance"

Champion category 'Early Stage'

Sep. 2018 - Jahorina Film Festival Pale (Bosnia & Herzegovina): Screening "The Battle of the Srebrenica Museum"

Sep. 2018 - Myanmar Film Festival of Los Angeles (USA): Screening "Monk Politics"

Feb. 2018 - The Buddha International Film Festival Pune (India): Screening "Monk Politics"

Best Direction Award

Dec. 2017 - International Queer & Migrant Filmfestival Amsterdam: Screening "May I Help You"

July 2017 - Independent Film Festival Stockholm (Sweden): Screening "The Ma Latt To Tragedy"

Electrical Films

Youtube Channel

Most productions can be found on our youtube channel. The channel has +3.000 subscribers and 1.500.000 views.

Kilimo Finance (3'00)

Corporate video for Kilimo Finance, specialised in automated credit for farmers in Vietnam.


Directed by Kay Mastenbroek

© 2019  - Electrical Films/Kilimo Finance

The Story of Coal in Thailand (26'00)

The past, present and future of this controversial source of energy.


Directed by Kay Mastenbroek

© 2018 - Electrical Films/Heinrich Böll Stiftung

Chased by the Tides (17'00)

A project for the protection of people and nature in theGulf of Mottama.


Written and edited by Kay Mastenbroek

© 2019 - Swiss Development Cooperation

Tides of Change (15'30)


The Sustainable Coastal Fisheries Programme is a joint Myanmar and Denmark project.


Written and edited by Kay Mastenbroek

© 2018 - Peter Degen/Department of Fisheries

The Battle of the Srebrenica Museum (57'00)

A team of Dutch experts make an exhibition about the Srebrenica Genocide (1995) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Directed by Kay Mastenbroek
© 2017 - Electrical Films/KRO-NCRV

Monk Politics (55'00)

Buddhist leaders in Myanmar struggle with their past and a fast changing society. 

Directed by Kay Mastenbroek

© 2017 - Electrical Films/KRO-NCRV


Electrical Films is an independent production company, founded in Amsterdam in 1994 by director/producer/writer Kay Lie Mastenbroek. The company has produced over a hundred documentaries and television programs shot in fifty countries worldwide.


​Electrical Films is specialised in documentaries, investigative journalism, history, art and children's features. Most productions are made for European public broadcasters and international news stations. We also produced films and web videos for international NGO's, non-profit organizations, government organizations and private companies with the emphasis on sustainability.​ Since 2009 investigative journalism, combined with training and coaching South-East Asian documentary directors and journalists, has become one of Kay's main activities.


Over the years Kay Mastenbroek and Electrical Films have won twelve awards at different international film festivals in Europe, Asia and North America. Most recently in Vietnam for "Kilimo Finance" and in India for "Monk Politics".




Archimedesweg 63

1098JM Amsterdam


Tel: +31206657095

© 2021 Electrical Films

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