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Sa Ba Insight: Lan Tah Yeh Mont (5'00)

Pilot-episode for series about street food in Myanmar: The Gangster Snack.


Director: Kay Lie - Presenter: Marc Shortt

© 2019 - Electrical Films/Saba Street Food

Yangon's Fearless Taxi Ladies (11'21)

Story about the growing number of lady taxi drivers in Myanmar's biggest city.

Director: Kay Lie

© 2015 - Electrical Films/Coconuts TV

Are times changing in Vietnam? (15'25)

About the upcoming opposition in Vietnam, even from within the Communist Party.


Director: Kay Lie

© 2014 - Electrical Films

Bob draait door (5'44)

Theatrical video for literary about Dostojevsky, Gogol, Schweig, Baricco and Arends.


Director: Kay Mastenbroek

© 2013 - Electrical Films

Alien Hunters (2'51)

Animation for the National Idiotic Channel about a family of aliens living in Amsterdam.


Director: Kay Mastenbroek

© 2013 - Electrical Films

Asia's New Honey Pot (5'00)

The Thai business community can hardly wait till they can invest in neighbouring Myanmar.


Director: Kay Lie

© 2011 - Electrical Films/Mizzima

Puto Cossa on Kuduro (5'19)

Story and videoclip of one of the famous Kuduro's singers in Lisbon.


Director: Kay Mastenbroek

© 2011 - Jongens van de Wit

The Kachin's Last Stand (14'00)

For the first time in many years a film crew visits the area of the Kachin Independent Army.

Directors: Kay Lie & Kevin McLeod

© 2010 - Electrical Films/Mizzima TV

Olargues' Twelve (3'48)

Animation to introduce a real estate project in France by the Mastenbroek Clan.


Director: Kay Mastenbroek

© 2009 - Electrical Films

Water (5'46)

Video-art made by Gilles Frenken and Kay Mastenbroek for KRO Television.


© 1992 - Mastenbroek/Frenken

Rising Oceans (2'26)

Video-art made by Jaap Verdenius and Kay Mastenbroek.


© 1987 - Mastenbroek/Verdenius

Trees (3'48)

Video-art made by Jaap Verdenius and Kay Mastenbroek.


© 1987 - Mastenbroek/Verdenius

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