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The Battle of the Srebrenica Museum (57'00)

A team of Dutch experts make an exhibition about the Srebrenica Genocide (1995) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Director: Kay Mastenbroek
© 2017 - Electrical Films/KRO-NCRV

Monk Politics (55'00)

Buddhist leaders in Myanmar struggle with their past and the realities of a fast changing society. 

Director: Kay Mastenbroek

© 2017 - Electrical Films/KRO-NCRV

The Naked Truth of Myanmar (30'00)
Portrait of U Win Tin (1929-2014): The legendary human rights activist, political prisoner and co-founder of the National League of Democracy. 
Director/producer: Kay Mastenbroek
DoP: Oleg Revenko

© 2014 - Electrical Films/BOS

Demons of the new freedom (59'00)

The Buddhist violence against Muslims created a lot of unrest in Myanmar. Two young interfaith activists go around to country to investigate the reasons behind the xenophobia. A conservative and liberal monks exchange ideas.

Director/producer: Kay Mastenbroek

© 2014 - Electrical Films/BOS

Land of our Grandparents (58'00)

A Dutch-Turkish genocide expert, an Armenian film maker and a Turkish sound engineer man travel through Turkey to investigative the Armenian Genocide. A dutch director films them filming.

Directors: Kay Mastenbroek, Alexander Goekjian

© 2008 - Electrical Films/Zelovic Productions/IKON

Monument to Unresolved Grief (49'00)

Four people involved with the Srebrenica Massacre, meet 10 years later: A Dutchbat sergeant, a Bosnian Commander, a Servian commander and a woman who lost her husband and son during the genocide.

Directors: Kay Mastenbroek & Jaap Verdenius

DoP: Alexander Goekjian

© 2005 - Electrical Films/NCRV

Nobody was crying (26'00)

An eye witness account by Kada Hotic  of the Srebrenica Genocide (1995).

Directors: Kay Mastenbroek & Jaap Verdenius

© 2005 - Electrical Films

A Dirty Game (50'00)

About the political controversy surrounding the Argentine World Cup football in 1978. The reasoning behind the fact that football is always more important than human rights. Even when dead political prisoners wash-up at the beach.

Directors: Kay Mastenbroek & Jaap Verdenius

© 2002 - Electrical Films/IKON

Roepnaam: Alexander (49'00)

Biografie van Willem-Alexander van Oranje aan de vooravond van zijn koningsschap. De documentaire waarin vrijwel alle mythes rond de kroonprins worden ontkracht.

Regie: Kay Mastenbroek & Jaap Verdenius

© 2002 - Electrical Films/RTL4

Claus (85'00)

Biografie van Prins Claus (1926-2002), de prinsgemaal van voormalig koningin Beatrix. Deel twee en drie zijn te vinden op het Youtube Channel van Electrical Films.

Regie: Kay Mastenbroek & Jaap Verdenius
Camera: Gilles Frenken

© 2001 - Electrical Films/RTL4

The long and winding road to development (50'00)


Documentary about 50 years (1949-1999) of Dutch development aid and co-operation.

Directors: Kay Mastenbroek & Jacqueline de Bruijn

DoP: Frank Moll

© 2001 - Polderfilms/RVU

Oops, this video is little bit off-line.
The Green Goldrush (50'00)

About logging in Cameroon and two local activists who try to save the forest: A French speaking journalist and an English speaking forest guide. A documentary lost in translation.

Director: Kay Mastenbroek
DoP: Gilles Frenken
Sound engineer: Joost Maus

© 1993 - Polderfilms/EO

Oops, this video is little bit off-line.
The Law of the Jungle (50'00)

Deforestation on the Philippines is rampant. On the main island of Luzon the only remaining forest can be found in the north. It's the theatre of violent rebels, corrupt politicians, shady business men and powerless army.

Director: Kay Mastenbroek
DoP: Gilles Frenken

© 1992 - Polderfilms/AVRO

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