Vola's Ticket (32'00)

Children's short feature film about an Indian boy who goes to the big city (Kolkata) to make some money. But he get's into trouble with a vicious loan shark. With the help of a girl he manages to solve all his problems.

Directors: Kay Mastenbroek & Jacqueline de Bruijn

DoP: Jan Musch

© 2000 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Polderfilms

Fishing for School (37'00)

A clever girl from a small village in Bénin is sold by her mother to a business woman from the big city. Once in the city she is sold again, this time to be a housemaid for a rich family. When she becomes friends with their daughter, everything changes for the worst.

Director/producer: Kay Mastenbroek

DoP: Gilles Frenken

© 1999 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Polderfilms

Sweet Rain (34'00)

A family returns from the Netherlands to Surinam. Daughter Minoush has problems with her new environment. And then her grandmother gets serious ill.


Director/producer: Kay Mastenbroek

Co-director: Mirjam Marks

DOP/co-producer: Gilles Frenken


© 1998 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Polderfilms

Strange Friends (32'00)

A boy from Mexico City see's the Jesus statue of his mother stolen. When he tries to find the young thief, he discovers a complete different world of poverty and violence.


Director/producer: Kay Mastenbroek

DoP: Gilles Frenken

© 1997 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Polderfilms

La Chanson du Coton (28'50)

Safiatou est une fille d'un village du Mali. Elle veut participer à un concours de chant, mais ses parents l'interdisent. Ils s'inquiètent pour leur récolte de coton. Mais Safiotou n'accepte pas cela.


Réalisateur: Kay Mastenbroek

Cameraman: Gilles Frenken


© 1996 - Ministère des Affaires Étrangères/Polderfilms

Job Wanted (25'00)

Elvis is 11 yers old. He has to work to support his family in Arequipa (Peru). Together with his friends he starts a campaign to give children the right to work AND the right to go to school.


Director/producer: Kay Mastenbroek

Co-director/DoP: Gilles Frenken

© 1995 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Polderfilms

© 2021 Electrical Films

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